Master Plan

Design is in the details

The detail is in the design

Garden Design Master Plan, where your landscape design plans come to fruition

Your chosen landscape contractor will use the Master landscape design plans. First of all to quote for the supply and installation of all of the materials and secondly to ensure that he (or she) builds your garden exactly as you want it to be.

2d master plan


A labelled 2D master plan will be included in your landscape project file so that your chosen landscaper can calculate and quote for material supplies and installation.

What does a master plan include?

A master plan from Tapestry Design Studios is so much more than a scale drawing with some colours. It’s a valuable document that will take much of the confusion out of the garden build process. Your landscape design plans will help to ensure that your new garden will be the safe, happy and beautiful place that you discussed in the initial consultation with our garden designer.

At Tapestry Design Studios we’re very used to working with landscape contractors. We like to think we have a good understanding of what information they need to put together an accurate quotation. Our landscape design plans are actually a whole package. Which uses information gathered at each stage of the garden design process.

Your garden design package will include information about access, utilities and health and safety. As well as important things such as whether there are pets, children or other people on site who will need extra consideration.

Landscape contractors use this information to quote accurately and to ensure that your project complies with CDM regulations.

patio detail 3d landscape design plans

A detail from a 3D master plan. Showing venetian fencing being used as patio screening, timber storage unit in the foreground and layout of paving slabs

Your landscape design plans will include:

  • A project file with everything your landscape contractor needs to know about the work to be done.
  • Product descriptions. Such at the size and colour of pavers, type of aggregates and timber. Any features that you have chosen materials for will be specified along with the contact details for suppliers.
  • Scope of works.  Things like site clearance, hard landscaping and whether any specialist contractors such as tree surgeons will be needed.
  • Site facilities and welfare – every landscaping project is likely to need electricity and water. Are they available onsite? What about toilet facilities?
  • Access and parking. Is there free parking onsite or will your landscaper need permits to park on your street? What size machinery can practically be used on site?
  • Pre-construction health and safety assessment. Are there any underground pipes or cables that could be damaged by machinery? Will anyone need wheelchair access during the build? Are there any unsafe trees/fences/walls onsite? Your contractor should complete a full risk assessment before work begins.

What happens next?

Once you have your landscape design plans and are happy with them, you can take them to your chosen landscape contractor and ask for a quote for the work.

The team at Tapestry Design Studios are more than happy to help you get quotes for the work and to find a reputable landscaper. We can also work with the landscape contractor to create construction drawings, oversee the works and source materials.

Looking for a landscape contractor? Try our sister-company Holland Landscapes of Colchester

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