Do you need practical ideas for a new garden layout but don’t know where to begin?

If you would like help organising your space and need some creative yet realistic suggestions for a new design, we can help unlock its potential and set you on your way to the garden you wish you had.

What’s included?

Two hour consultation in your garden with a qualified garden designer and horticulturalist which will comprise:

  • Discussion of desired garden theme and inspiration
  • Finding out how you would like to use your garden
  • Discovering what is and is not working well for you at the moment
  • Consideration of features to be included
  • Site appraisal:-
  • General dimensions taken
  • Analysis of garden conditions
  • Diagnosis of issues to be resolved
  • Formulation of an appropriate layout solution
  • Discussion of soft landscaping ideas
  • Suggestions for suitable plants


After the consultation you will receive:

  • Sketch concept plan with suggested features*
  • List of plant recommendations
  • A summary of discussions

Please note: A concept plan does not include any product suggestions or specifications. However, these can be added to your plan for a moderate extra cost.

How to make the most of our “Layout” garden design package


  • Before our garden designer arrives, make a list of the ways that you’d like to use your garden.  Eg as an entertainment space, for relaxing, for children to play etc
  • Gather some images of places or plants that reflect your personal style
  • Note down any problems with the garden that you’d like addressed. For example soggy soil, privacy issues, maintenance requirements
  • Have a notebook and pen handy – you will receive a written summary of discussions after the consultation but you might like to jot ideas down too.

Layout Plans

Please click the image below to see full version

Layout Package


Up to 100 sqm
Up to 250 sqm
Up to 400 sqm
Over 400 sqm
£Call for price