Your garden design questions answered…

What does a garden designer do?

A garden designer helps people to make the most of their outdoor space. The garden design process involves

  • A consultation to discover what the client needs and wants from their garden
  • Site survey and analysis to find out more about the garden’s challenges and opportunities
  • Concept plan to help the client visualise and discuss where paths, lawns, buildings, patios and other features could be placed.
  • Master plan. A more detailed version of the concept plan with recommendations for materials, lighting and colour schemes
  • Planting plan. To complete the picture. Recommendations for plants based on what the customer likes, what will look good and which species will enjoy the conditions in the garden
  • Construction drawings. To ensure your landscaper build your garden exactly as you imagined it to be.
  • Project monitoring. Being on hand to answer any questions that arise during the garden build.

There’s lots more information about the garden design process here 

Why Use a professional garden designer?

A professional garden designer can help you to organise your thought and ideas in a creative and practical way so that your new garden meets your every need. Some garden design clients are seeking inspiration, others know roughly what’s needed but don’t know how to add the “wow” factor.

When you use a professional garden designer, you will be working with somebody who understands every aspect of garden plants, soils, construction techniques, landscaping materials and costs. A garden designer can help you create a space that works for you and your family.

garden design plans in progress

A professional garden designer can bring your garden to life in ways you never thought possible

How much does it cost to hire a garden designer?

Charges vary depending on the size of your garden and what you want to do with it. Most garden designers are happy to give you a quote in advance.

Tapestry Design Studios have compiled a series garden design packages to help you discover how much it might cost to hire a garden designer for your project. You can learn more here

It is possible to design part of a garden?

Not all clients are ready for a whole garden redesign. It’s perfectly possible to design part of a garden. For example a patio, a water feature, a seating area, a driveway or a new planting plan for the borders.

Take a look at our garden design packages for more options 

What should I plant in my garden?

We are incredibly lucky in the UK to have a wide palette of plants to choose from. Choose plants that are suitable for the soil type in your garden. Some plants like sunshine, others like shade. Study the way the sun moves around your garden and choose the right plants for the right place. Think too about how fast those plants will grow and how big they will become.

For the very best advice on what to plant in your garden, ask a garden designer to create a planting plan for you.  Our planting to impress package could be just what you need.  Read more here https://tapestrydesignstudios.com/garden-design-packages/planting-to-impress/

How do you design a small garden?

Garden designers are experts at making small spaces into beautiful gardens.

  • Think about the main use of the garden and design for that
  • Keep it simple – don’t use too many different materials or colours
  • Make good use of walls and fences as plant supports or paint them in a beautiful colour
  • Think about all weather surfaces for the floor – a small lawn can get muddy quickly
  • Don’t forget to use sounds and scents too

Read our garden design tips for small gardens here

Does a garden designer build gardens?

Garden designers generally specialise in creating fabulous plans for a landscaper to follow. Some garden designers are happy to recommend reputable landscapers and then oversee the build process.

At Tapestry Design Studios we are a bit different. Our Directors Paul and Chris Baker also own Holland Landscapes, an award winning professional landscaping company. As well as our garden design packages, we can also offer a seamless design and build service.

Which areas does your garden design service cover?

Tapestry Design Studios is based in Essex but we design gardens on behalf of clients and landscapers throughout East Anglia, The Home Counties, London and the Southern Counties.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our services