Ideal if you are considering making substantial changes or additions to your planting.

This package will provide plenty of inspiration to achieve the precise look you are after, as well as the necessary specific information required to renovate or re-plant existing borders.

Are you happy with the layout of your outdoor space but feel that the planting needs improving? Our planting to impress package will help you to use plants for impact and ambience.

What is a planting plan?

A planting plan from Tapestry Design Studios is a cost-effective way of tapping into our horticultural skills and experience. It saves you time and money.

Time? Because you won’t need to spend hours in the garden centre thinking which plants look good together and how many you need to buy.

Money? Because we only recommend plants that will a) enjoy the conditions in your garden and b) you will be able to look after easily. We also let you know how many plants to buy so that your garden will look great from the get-go.

If you are not confident in your gardening skills, we’ll recommend plants that are fairly self-sufficient. If you love gardening, we’ll suggest plants that you will enjoy tending.

Planting To Impress Plans

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planting plan

What’s included in our Planting to Impress Plan?

Two hour consultation in your garden with a qualified garden designer and horticulturist. Together we will investigate:

  • What you want to achieve with plants
  • Favourite colours and styles
  • Maintenance – how much time do you have and how confident are you
  • Site evaluation:-
    • measurements of existing beds and borders taken (see exclusions below)
    • analysis of garden conditions eg soil type, shade, drainage
    • diagnosis of issues to be resolved eg hiding unwanted features, creating privacy, making a pet-friendly garden
  • Advice on appropriate planting and layout ideas

After the consultation you will receive:

  • Planting Plan  – how to set your new plants out so that they look amazing
  • Plant Schedule, from which to order

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How much does it cost?

We base our prices on the total area of planting beds to be designed, not the entire garden. Below you will see our pricing structure, we will measure your planting beds when we visit for our consultation and confirm the total area with you.



Some planting beds may need a more in-depth survey, this will be in addition to the costs below.

Planting To Impress Package


Up to 10 sqm
Up to 15 sqm
Up to 20 sqm
Up to 25 sqm
Up to 30 sqm
Over 30 sqm
£Please contact us to discuss your requirements