Garden Design Process

The garden design process is a series of steps. Each step in the process helps to ensure that your new garden is everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

Here is an insight into the garden design process. Click on the links to explore each stage in more detail.

site visit in the early stages of a bespoke garden design

1. Initial Consultation

Once you make the decision to have your garden designed by us we will arrange an appointment to visit you at your home to discuss some garden ideas and garden design plans.

landscape plan

2. Survey & Analysis

A vital part of the garden design process. We carry out a site survey and analysis to help us develop landscaping plans. These plans are tailored to the exact conditions of your plot. Accurate measurements will be taken of your garden.

concept plan

3. Concept Plan

The concept plan is the first draft of the garden plans and is where your new garden starts to come to life. This part of the garden design process uses the knowledge we have gained from the initial consultation and the site survey/analysis.


4. Master Plan

The master plan is the final design of the garden that is sometimes referred to as the outline or layout plan. We like to think of it as the garden planner. It takes into account any changes.

5. Planting & Plant Schedule

For many of us plants are the most exciting part of the garden, but they need to be chosen carefully to make sure that they thrive in the given conditions. The plant schedule is the part of the garden design process that brings your project to life.

6. Construction Drawing

These detailed landscaping plans will enable the contractor to build your garden design exactly as specified in the outline plan. We would advise that you take advantage of this opportunity to ensure your finished garden meets your expectations.

7. Tendering

We often find that clients wish to gain several quotes from reliable landscape companies before they go ahead with the build of their garden. A detailed schedule ensures that each company interprets the plan in the same way.

garden construction

8. Project Monitoring

Managing the garden’s build, if you are based within Essex and Suffolk we would recommend using our partner company, Holland Landscapes to complete the construction of your garden.