Garden Design Packages

Need to change your garden but don’t know where to start? Our Garden Design Packages could be just what you need.

Choose between two different packages, for layouts and planting ideas.

Our garden design packages suit small-medium sized gardens with no complex challenges such as drainage issues, steep inclines or quirky shaped plots.

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If your garden is an odd shape, has tricky slopes, difficult access or is over 400m2 in area, our bespoke garden design service is better suited to your needs. Don’t worry, it’s still sensibly priced!

front garden with terraced lawns


Do you want more from your garden but just don;t know where to begin?

From £495

Planting To Impress

Ideal if you are considering substantial changed to your planting

From £545

Book one of our garden consultations

At Tapestry Design Studios we love the opportunity to transform tired gardens into fabulous, practical spaces which really earn their keep. We can offer a service that’s right for you and your budget.


With one of our consultation packages, you can spend time with our garden designer in your garden discussing the problems you feel you have and what could be done to bring out the best in your space.


You may already have a particular style in mind, need functional advice on how to tackle an unruly site, or simply need a fresh pair of eyes – backed up with professional knowledge.


We have a layout consultation and a choice of two planting consultations to choose from. Select the package which best suits you and prepare to love your garden quite a bit more!

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