Bespoke Garden Design

Every garden and every family is different.  That’s why we at Tapestry Design Studios offer a bespoke garden design service alongside our garden design packages.

Whether you have a difficult sloping garden that needs to be family friendly, a tiny plot that you’d like to be more usable or a large garden that’s currently hard to manage, we can help.

Our garden designers will work with you to design a space that has lots and lots of the “wow” factor but still meets all of your practical needs.  Each one of our designs is unique to you, your plot, your taste and your lifestyle. You will be kept in the loop through every stage of the design and encouraged to suggest changes.

Because Tapestry Design Studios works closely with landscapers, we understand the practical aspects of creating a beautiful garden. We can create a garden plan which takes into account everything that a landscaper will need to know in order to bring your new garden to life on budget. Things like groundworks, access, health and safety considerations, planning restrictions and how not to annoy your neighbours.

Can you design part of a garden?

Absolutely we can! Our bespoke garden design service is incredibly flexible. Want to keep some of the existing features?  No problem. Need to swap the veg patch for something low maintenance? We can do that. Fancy adding a pond or a patio? We’d love to help.

What’s involved in a bespoke garden design?

The art of garden design involves listening to clients, understanding their needs, wants and desires, learning about their unique style and preferences and fitting all of their requirements into the space and conditions of their garden.

The bespoke garden design process at Tapestry Design Studios involves

site visit in the early stages of a bespoke garden design

1. Initial Consultation

An initial face-to-face consultation with your garden designer to discuss your garden needs, your likes and your dislikes and your overall budget.


2. Survey & Analysis

Full site survey and analysis to discover the individual character of your garden and how best to unlock it’s potential.

garden design plans in progress

3. Concept Plan

Concept plan – a simple discussion document plan to see how the features of your new garden will sit in relation to each other.


4. Master Plan

Master plan – a more detailed version of the concept plan with everything you need to be able to visualise your new garden.


5. Planting & Plant Schedule

For many of us plants are the most exciting part of the garden, but they need to be chosen carefully to make sure that they thrive in the given conditions.


6. Construction Drawing

These detailed landscaping plans will enable the contractor to build your bespoke garden design exactly as specified in the outline plan.


7. Tendering

We often find that clients wish to gain several quotes from reliable landscape companies before they go ahead with the work.

garden construction

8. Project Monitoring

Managing the garden’s build, if you are based within Essex and Suffolk we would recommend using our partner company.

If you wish, we can also produce construction drawings, planting plans, tendering documents and/or a project monitoring service.

Should you choose to build your garden with our sister company Holland Landscapes, project monitoring will be complementary.

What does bespoke garden design cost?

Depending on the site and your needs, the price of bespoke garden design can vary enormously.  At Tapestry Design Services we don’t want to be greedy. We’re proud of our work and aim to price our designs sensibly and fairly.

Garden design packages

If your garden design needs are simpler – in other words your garden is reasonably level, has good access, is a simple shape, is less than 400 square metres in area and has no issues with shade, drainage or planning permission, you could benefit from one of our garden design packages.

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