Initial Consultation

Time to discuss garden ideas

The initial garden design consultation is the most exciting part of the garden design journey for the designer and the client. It’s where the creativity commences. At this first garden design consultation your garden’s true potential will begin to reveal itself.

After chatting on the phone, one of the designers at Tapestry Design Studios will arrange to meet with you on site. A garden design consultation is a mixture of brainstorming garden design ideas and learning more about the site.

garden design ideas concept planThe ideas you discuss at your initial garden design consultation form the inspiration for a concept plan like this one. Without going into great depth it explores the layout and helps you to visualise how the garden might fit into your lifestyle.

At Tapestry Design Studios, the garden design inspiration stems from you, the client. We want to help you create a luxurious yet practical outdoor space that is tailored to your lifestyle and your interests.

Exploring your Garden Design Ideas

Some of our clients already have a vision of their ideal garden. Others are looking for that flash of inspiration. Don’t worry if you are not a plantsman or if you have little knowledge of landscaping materials – that’s what we’re here to help you with.

When you arrange a garden design consultation with Tapestry Design Studios you can be confident that you will discover new and exciting garden design ideas to complement

Together with your garden designer and your family, we will explore the way you plan to use your garden and what features you would like to incorporate. We’ll think about…….

  • What time of the day are you most likely to use the garden?
  • Do you enjoy cooking and eating out doors?
  • Would you like to be able to host indoor-outdoor gatherings?
  • Do friends and family have difficulty with mobility? Does the garden need to be wheelchair friendly?
  • Will children and pets be using the garden regularly?
  • Do you like gardening? If so, how much time do you have for garden maintenance?
  • What colours do you love/hate?
  • What features would you like to be included? Eg storage space, dining area, shelter, water, favourite plants
  • Are there any existing plants or features that you’d like to keep?
  • Do you like the view from the garden? Should it be accentuated or disguised?
  • Which rooms in the house do you spend most time in (we like to think about views from inside the house)
  • Are there any places, gardens, countries, or design styles that inspire you? In other words would you like your garden to follow a theme? eg Moroccan, English Country Garden, 1960’s, minimalist, wildlife-friendly

Remember, this is your garden. It’s unique to you and it’s important to us that it reflects your individual style and interests.

What will your garden design cost?

It’s important that your garden design should be achievable within the budget you’ve set for the whole project and that’s something that we pay a great deal of attention to at Tapestry Design Studios.

Tapestry Design Studios works closely with landscapers and landscape suppliers. We know how long it takes to lay a patio and what the cost of labour and materials will be. When we present our garden design ideas to you they will be tailored to your wants, your needs, your tastes and your budget.

How does the design process work?

garden design consultation soil testing

Assessing the soil structure in your garden is a vital part of the initial garden design consultation

Whilst on site, we’ll undertake a site survey. We’ll take detailed measurements and take photographs. All of those garden design ideas need to be practical and so the garden designer needs to assess your soil type, measure slopes and levels and find out where utilities such as drainage pipes and electric cables are sitting.

The next stage will be the production of a concept plan. A simple map with our garden designer’s initial ideas for the layout and content of your amazing new garden.

About garden design concept plans