Garden Design Questions

Garden Design Questions

The Tapestry Design Studios team has been overwhelmed with enquiries this year. Here are some of the garden design questions we’ve been answering

As 2020 draws to a close, I think it’s safe to say that garden designers and landscapers have had a busy year.  COVID-19 and Lockdown have encouraged people to see their gardens in a whole new light. Very few people in the UK organise more than one garden makeover during their lifetime and of course, that means that they have lots of questions about the garden design process. Here are some of the Garden Design questions we’ve been answering for people this year – and I have to say – it’s been a pleasure.

Why do I need Garden Design?

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Just as an architect’s drawing tells your builder what to create, a garden design ensures that your landscaper creates your perfect garden.

A large proportion of clients have been referred to Tapestry Design Studios by landscapers this year. When you are considering a garden makeover, it seems natural to talk to a landscaper first – after all, these are the people who have the tools and the skills set to create your new garden.  However, just as a builder needs an architect’s drawing to work from, a landscaper needs a garden design.

The good news for landscapers is that there is now an online garden design service especially for tradesmen who need a design in a hurry.  If you are a landscape contractor, take a look at

A garden design tells landscapers which garden features to build, how big to make them, and where to place them. In order to give you an accurate quote, your landscaper needs to work out the cost of materials and labour, and for that, he or she will need a well-drawn garden design.

Having a garden design also means that you can approve your garden before it gets built – asking for changes after the groundwork has been started will probably incur lots of expense. Better to be sure that you and the landscaper are working towards the same goal BEFORE the work begins.

This article explains how a professional garden designer is worth the investment.

What do garden designers do?

Garden designers are basically interpreters. We listen to your wish list, get a feel for your individual personality and style, find out how you want to use your garden, what your build budget is and how much you enjoy gardening – and then we pull all that information together into a garden design plan.

A garden design is more than just a pretty picture on a page. The designer needs to understand what materials cost, whether or not they are suitable for your situation, and most importantly, how they need to be installed. A patio for example is like an iceberg.  You only get to see the top of it.  Underneath is the engineering that keeps the whole thing stable. Your garden designer needs to think about levels, groundworks, drainage and much more.

Learn more about the garden design process here 


How do I know I’ll like the design?

It’s always a dilemma, putting your trust into someone else and hoping that the service you are paying for will meet your expectations. This is one of the garden design questions that is often thought of, but not spoken.

The Tapestry Design Studios team has never yet had a garden design rejected by the client. We do make tweaks as part of the garden design process, and that’s perfectly alright. None of us are offended if a client asks for changes. After all, most of our customers start the process not really knowing what they want to do with their garden. Until you have a design in front of you it’s almost impossible to visualise your new-style outdoor space.

To give yourself an idea of whether or not you’ll like a garden designer’s work, take a look at their website before you get in touch.  What are the reviews like? Is there a portfolio? Do you like the look of previous projects?

Next, chat to the designer on the phone. Does he or she seem friendly? Do you think you will get along with them? Ten to one, if you “gel” with the designer you’ll like what they design for you.

Take a look at Tapestry Design Studios portfolio of work here 

What does garden design cost?

Price must surely be the most important of all garden design questions. The cost of garden design is directly related to the size of the area you’d like designed.  It’s such a bespoke service that it’s impossible for me to give you an idea of the price without knowing a little more about your garden. However, please don’t look upon garden design as an extra cost.  More often than not, a good garden designer can actually save you money on the build costs.

Read our article on the value of garden design

Do garden designers build gardens too?

In general, garden designers do not build gardens too. Sometimes a garden designers will help you devise and plant out beds and borders, but the hard landscaping is best left to professional landscapers.

Tapestry Design Studios have a sister-company, Holland Landscapes which means that, if you would like us to, we are happy to quote you for the whole garden design and build service.

Will the garden designer run away with my build budget?

As much as we love designing, and could happily design the most opulent garden possible for you, the Tapestry Team are always very conscious that our clients have a finite budget. Every one of our gardens is designed with the build budget in mind.

If, like many of our clients, you have no idea what to expect to pay for a garden makeover, we will assume you have a moderate budget. Working so closely with Holland Landscapes means that we will be able to estimate the build price for you. Once you have that estimate, together we can tweak the layout and the materials to suit your build budget.

Why it’s important to set your landscaping budget early

Do you have any garden design questions that you’d like answered?

Email our team with your queries and you never know – we may turn your question into a published article that will help other people.

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