How to find a great garden designer

How to find a great garden designer

There are garden designers, and then there are great garden designers. In this article we’re sharing tips for finding a really great garden designer near to you.

well designed seating area and garden
Garden design is about functionality as well as beauty.
A good garden designer will recommend materials and construction techniques that will stand up to the test of time and still look good decades after they were installed.  Now THAT’s what I call value for money!

Ways to find a great garden designer to work with

  • Ask your landscaper for recommendations
  • Check reviews
  • Do friends and family have any suggestions?
  • Search online for well designed, up to date and informative garden designers websites
  • Visit social media sites to see images of local garden designer’s work
  • When you find a designer whose work you admire, chat on the phone – do they sound helpful and easy to get along with?

Frequently Asked Questions about choosing and working with a garden designer

Deciding which garden designer to work with is one of the most important steps in a garden makeover. This person will define what you’ll be looking at for a very long time. You need to feel comfortable with everything about them….their workmanship, their style and the way they futureproof their designs. Here are just a few FAQ’s to help you work your way towards a decision.

Do I need to choose a garden designer near me?

The skills of a garden designer are definitely not dependent on location. However, any professional garden designer will need to visit you in your plot to get a feel for what you need. Travelling costs may be added to your fees, so check before you commit to the service.  If you do have a great garden designer based near to you, you have the perfect opportunity to support your local economy, and minimise your new garden’s carbon footprint.

beautiful modern garden in Danbury with contemporary pergola, outdoor kitchen and corten steel screens

Your ideal garden designer will be able to help you imagine an outdoor space that fits in with your lifestyle and your budget.

How do I know if my local garden designer is right for me?

The relationship between you and your garden designer is crucial for the success of your garden makeover. No matter how talented a designer is, if their work is not to your taste you’ll never be happy with the results.

At Tapestry Design Studios we’re lucky to have Katie Moyes as our head designer. Katie is very creative but she also has enormous empathy with her clients. She will adapt the design style to suit the customers’ taste. You have no worries about being talked into building a garden that won’t suit you.

Finding a great garden designer is a task made easier by the internet and social media. You can tell a lot about someone’s manner, industry knowledge and expertise simply by searching for reviews and pictures of their work.

Look for recent reviews, an up to date website and images of past projects. Talk to friends and family – they may have some recommendations for you. Ask your landscaper for advice. Gradually narrow down your list of candidates and then start phoning around.

rural garden with big views

Garden design also involves understanding the local area and helping a property to sit comfortably within it

What to ask your prospective garden designer

Your number one reason for phoning potential garden designers is to find out if you could work closely with them. By now you will have decided whether or not their work is to your taste, but do you like the person? Would you be happy to invite them into you home and garden? Do you trust them to communicate with your landscaper?

Personality is a far better gauge of a garden designer than price. So here are a few questions to start the conversation. Let’s call it a telephone interview. And remember – the person on the other end of the phone will probably have some questions for you too. The best garden designers are careful to select customers who they feel they will get along with.

  • How do you design a garden? What is the sequence of events?
  • Where did you train and how many gardens have you designed so far?
  • Can I decide what goes into my garden?
  • What do your designs cost?
  • Do you bear in mind the cost of construction and can you design a garden that will suit my overall budget?
  • The problem with my garden is …..(fill in the blank)…..what is your experience in this field?
  • Are your designs eco-friendly and sustainable?
  • What if I’m not happy with some aspects of your design? Does your pricing allow for changes?
  • Can you recommend a landscaper to build the garden?
  • Do you oversee the build?
  • How long does it take to design a garden?

drought tolerant gardens no lawn

Design is more important than ever when it comes to making the most of a small space

What to look for in a great garden designer

  • Qualifications or at least some evidence of their expertise. At the time of writing, UK garden design is unregulated. That means that not everyone is fully versed in every aspect of the job.
  • A friendly but business-like manner
  • Somebody who is good at listening and seems to understand what you want from your garden (not someone who wants to dictate to you)
  • Good reviews online
  • Portfolio of work/ideas for you to look at
  • A can-do attitude which suggests they’ll not be phased by problem spots in your garden.

Tapestry Design Studios – garden designers working in Essex and Suffolk

Tapestry Design Studios is based in Colchester and works with clients throughout London, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. Head garden designer Katie Moyes has a real talent for tailoring designs to the clients’ personality as well as their wish list. Not sure what you want your garden to look like? Book a brainstorming session with Katie and let her inspire you with ideas.

You’ll find a whole range of garden design services at Tapestry Design Studios. From planting plans to refresh your borders to a full on garden re-design.

As an added bonus, Tapestry Design Studios works closely with landscapers in the area, including the award winning Holland Landscapes. If you need help with the design and the build, Katie and the team can put you in touch with the right people.

Visit the Tapestry Design Studios website to discover more.

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