There are garden designers, and then there are great garden designers. In this article we’re sharing tips for finding a really great garden designer near to you.
As the summer draws to a close and while the memories are still fresh, it’s good to look back and ask yourself how you would improve your garden for next year.
“What should I plant in my garden?” It’s a garden design question that the Tapestry Design Studios team are often asked. Hopefully, this article will help.
Hopefully the spring weather will draw you out into the garden for some fresh air and some headspace. Here are some spring gardening jobs to help make your garden more beautiful this year.
If somebody were to sneak into your garden and pick every single flower – would your garden still look good? This blog is all using foliage plants in garden design.

Much as I love snow, it’s certainly good to see the back of it. It’s quite blustery today but lovely to see the daffodils dancing in the wind. And it's a lovely reminder that it’s time to make a start on spring gardening jobs. Priority Task:...

Wildflowers make the news on a regular basis, quite simply because many of them are on the cusp of becoming endangered species. In this blog we look at incorporating wildflowers in garden design in order to help save them. Why are wildflowers so important? Some folks see...