Is It Worth Hiring A Garden Designer?

Is It Worth Hiring A Garden Designer?

Is it really worth hiring a garden designer? Katie explains the benefits of good garden design.

If you are planning a garden makeover it’s tempting to sketch out a rough design, choose your materials and get straight on with the landscaping. But garden design is more important than you might think. Here’s why.

Would You Build a Home Extension Without an Architect’s Plan?

No sensible person would give a builder a vague brief before asking them to build an extension to their home. Any structure needs carefully defined plans to ensure that it will be safe, durable and usable. And that goes for gardens too.

Garden design is not just about layouts and looks. It’s about engineering, drainage, structural integrity, respecting neighbouring properties and keeping within the law of the land.

Does your sketched out plan consider your legal obligation towards the CDM (2015) Regulations? If not, it could potentially land you in a whole heap of trouble.

Hiring a garden designer gives you assurance that your new garden complies with building regs, planning laws and CDM regulations.

katie moyes from Tapestry Design Studios smelling a red rose

Katie Moyes, Head Garden Designer at Tapestry Design Studios loves visiting gardens for inspiration.
Here she is at East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden in Norfolk

Making Sure You Get The Garden You Want

Even if you have a clear idea of what you want in your garden, hiring a garden designer will ensure that the message gets across to your landscaper. It’s very easy for a landscaper to misinterpret your brief, particularly if there are issues with your garden that you may not have noticed. 

For example, you may dream of a lovely big patio leading directly onto a well manicured lawn. But you might not have spotted that your garden has a slight slope to it. Your landscaper will need to compensate for the slope, perhaps by adding steps or building a retaining wall. That will not only impact upon your budget, it will change the look of your garden. 

A garden designer will help you to find a way to have the garden you want. And ensure that your landscaper can give you an accurate quote for the project.

Getting A Better Garden Than You Dreamed Of 

Whats that saying about two heads being better than one? You’d be amazed at how brainstorming your garden ideas with a garden designer can help you develop a more imaginative and cost-effective scheme.

If you hire a garden designer  you will definitely get a much better garden than you dreamed of. Garden designers are highly skilled and are excellent at capturing customers ideas and wants for their garden. They make best use of the space you have, give interesting designs and ensure that the garden feels great and complements the house.

testimonial for tapestry design studiosHiring A Garden Designer Helps Manage The Build Budget

Please don’t imagine that hiring a garden designer will add to the cost of your new garden. Yes, there is a fee involved, but in actual fact, working with a sensible design can actually reduce the build costs.

A good garden designer will know what it costs to build each of the features in your garden. Which means that they can design a space that suits your garden makeover budget. 

Costing the project from an early stage means that the design can be tweaked to give you all the benefits you want with fewer financial implications. In design terms that certainly doesn’t mean compromising on quality or using cheap materials that won’t last. It means streamlining the layout, taking out what’s unnecessary, or even designing a space that can be built in phases.

In a nutshell, hiring a garden designer allows you to stretch your budget as far as possible without compromising on the look, feel or durability of your outside spaces.

Is it worth hiring a garden designer?

If you want the best garden you can possibly buy for your money, then absolutely, yes it is worth hiring a garden designer. And if you are in any doubt, call us on the phone for an informal chat about your garden and find out how we can help improve it.

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