Festive Garden Design Ideas

Festive Garden Design Ideas

How will you decorate your garden for Christmas this year? Here are our festive garden design ideas.

Winter is infamous for bathing the garden in gloom. But Christmas brings an opportunity to inject some extra interest – if only for a couple of weeks. Using garden design principals you can make your garden look fantastic – even if you will only be viewing it from indoors.

lighting garden in winter

Who says that festive garden design should involve inflatable snowmen on the lawn? If you prefer something simple, subtle and homemade – go for it!

Christmas decorating is all about letting your personality shine through. Whether you go for classic elegance, shabby chic or full blown kitsch – you can really enjoy yourself and absorb some all-important vitamin D as you go.

  • Play with existing lighting to create beautiful shapes and shadows
  • Use filters to change lighting colours
  • Add temporary lights to highlight individual features
  • Create a winter wonderland with twinkly lights
  • Use symmetry for the ultimate in classic elegance
  • Plant decorative pots
  • Use ornaments for extra colour
  • Flower arranging is not just for indoors – decorate seating areas with evergreen foliage, berries and faux flowers
  • Plant and decorate an outdoor Christmas tree

Festive Garden Lights

If you already have lighting installed in your garden, you’re part way there. Find out where the light falls and play with it a little. Add some accessories and play with shapes and shadows. Add filters to change the colour of the light. Put them on a timer or install a system that can be operated from a phone app – that way you can save energy.

String lights are great fun. Use them to highlight specific features in your garden….a tree (or two, or three). A pergola, the summer house, a pathway – heck – even the washing line if you feel that way inclined!

Candlelight is very evocative of Christmas. Doing something as simple as putting tealights into recycled jam jars can create wonderful effects. Use them to pick out a pathway or suspend them from trees. What a beautiful ambience – especially if you are brave enough to wrap up warm and huddle around the firepit with good friends and hot drinks.

Festive Garden Design: Colours For The Garden

That garden design “rule of 3” is ingrained in my soul and so my personal taste is to choose 3 colours and stick with them.  But when it comes to Christmas I love to see how other people mix and match colours. A cacophony of rainbow hues can be thoroughly uplifting on a murky day.

The classic Christmas colours are of course deep green and red with either silver or gold. But why not go with fuchsia pink? purple, teal, white or even orange?

Give your garden design a theme

Talking of themes, with any design – interior or exterior – it’s great to have a theme to bring everything together. That way you avoid creating a muddly mishmash.

This is where your personality can really shine through. Maybe your theme will be “woodland” with illuminated trees and evocative creatures such as deer or rabbits. You might choose a North Pole theme with penguins, igloos and the Man himself.  Disney is another theme I’ve seen executed really well …..it’s all about what you love.

inspiration for festive garden design

Seek festive garden design inspiration wherever you go. This is clearly not a garden – In fact it’s Regents Street in London. But check out the symmetry, the simple colour scheme and the way that the buildings have been lit to accentuate the lighting. These elements can all be used in your own design.

Symmetry in the garden

Symmetry in garden design is a blog I’ve yet to write but it’s so important and never more so than in the winter time.

Using the garden layout with architectural plants and features which add height means that the garden makes sense in winter when all of the flowers have gone into hiding.

At Christmas time, introducing lighting into a symmetrical garden is visually very exciting.

If the symmetry in your garden is a work in progress, now’s the time to use lighting and ornaments to experiment and see what might work for a more permanent garden makeover.

Christmassy Pots and Planters

window box with a festive garden design

This window box has been beautifully decorated for the festive season using a mix of colour-themed ornaments, natural materials and faux foliage

The easiest and most satisfying way to decorate your outdoor space for Christmas is with pots and planters. There’s lots of colour in the garden centre at this time of year. Cyclamens,for example bring a bright splash of colour. Then of of course there are evergreen shrubs, conifers, topiary, berries and faux foliage.

Add in some Christmas ornaments and some lighting and you’ll have a wonderful mini display to welcome visitors and/or improve the view from your window.

Pop a planted pot either side of a garden bench to encourage yourself to go outside and sit a while. True you’ll need a coat and a mug of something hot to wrap your hands around. But the wellbeing benefits will make it all worth it.

Why not decorate benches with garlands and/or lights? There are no rules for decorating your garden for Christmas!

Using your garden to raise money for charity

Your garden brings you so many benefits all year round. Wellbeing, adding value to your property, leisure space, entertaining space……….the list goes on.

Christmas is a time of giving, and if you have a wonderful Christmas display in your garden, why not use it to raise money for charity?

Planning next year’s festive garden design

If you like the idea of having a spectacular Christmas garden but think that your outdoor space is not really suited to it – think again. It may be too late for this year (I’m writing this in early December) but if you give your garden a makeover next year you can factor Christmas into the design.

At Tapestry Design Studios It’s our belief that when you are investing in a space it should work really hard for you so we pride ourselves on designing gardens that look amazing all year round.

Talk to one of our designers to see how your outdoor space could become next year’s Christmas party venue.

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