Landscape Gardening

I can’t think of a better way of spending a quiet day at home than researching front garden ideas. Here are some suggestions for you.
How will you decorate your garden for Christmas this year? Here are our festive garden design ideas.
Clever garden design can turn a small enclosed space into a beautiful and very useable courtyard garden. Here are our tips on creating a courtyard garden.
Many of our clients ask for a whole new garden. This case study is slightly different in that the client only wanted one area refurbished. A wildlife pond which is overlooked by a large picture window.

Wildflowers make the news on a regular basis, quite simply because many of them are on the cusp of becoming endangered species. In this blog we look at incorporating wildflowers in garden design in order to help save them. Why are wildflowers so important? Some folks see...

Have you have recently moved into a new property and want to make the garden your own? Or has your plot has had so many additions and changes over the years that it no longer looks or functions as it should? If that’s the case...

With bare root planting season upon us and a trillion good reasons why we should all be planting trees, our garden designers offer some advice on choosing the right tree species for your plot.
Autumn is traditionally hedge planting season in the UK. Here's how to make the most of it and save yourself money at the same time.