Now is a good time to commission your garden design…

Now is a good time to commission your garden design…

Are you thinking about making changes to your garden?

As well as a mental list of needs and wishes that you undoubtedly have, think about how you actually used your garden this year. Do it now while it’s fresh in your mind.

Did you spend much time out there? If not why not?

Does your garden make you want to come out into it?

Does the layout work for you? Does it flow? Does it make sense practically?

Do you want to relax in the sun but always find yourself in the shade?

Have you been inspired by other gardens or garden shows this summer and you’d like to emulate them?

Or is your garden simply in need of smartening up?

Autumn and winter are often the best time to commission a design. Why?

Easier to evaluate

The stripped back winter ‘skeleton’ of your garden makes it much easier to see the basic structure of what you have got, and hence to visualise your new version laid on top of it. Have a look at your garden in plan view, from an upstairs window. Notice how much space there is and what the actual shape of your garden is… gardens rarely have perpendicular lines, and often stretch out further than they seem to from ground level. This will give you the best opportunity to imagine what you could do with your space.

Timing is everything

Sounds obvious but…

By getting a design for your garden prepared in the quieter months of the gardening year, the process is started in good time to be built – ready for you to start enjoying it as soon as the good weather begins again. Here at Tapestry we always become extremely busy with enquiries in the spring, particularly around Easter time, when people suddenly remember their gardens again. Get ahead of the crowd and allow this time to plan and build your garden, to really get maximum use in the year to come.

Let’s talk about how we can help you to bring your new garden to life. Give us a call or send an email to, tel. 01206 580520, we’d love to chat.

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