Planting Plan & Plant Schedule

A planting plan is the best way to bring your garden alive and ensure all year round beauty.

When a garden design master plan is complete, and the hard landscaping is agreed, the focus switches from landscaping (garden construction) to gardening. The planting plan brings your garden to life by building layers of detail and colour that offer year round interest.

About the bespoke planting plans available from Tapestry Design Studios

Inspiration and plant suggestions

Are you planning a planting refresh feel overwhelmed and confused by the huge range of plants available? Our simplest planting plan will help you.

planting mood boardAfter a  consultation with one of our garden designers  we will provide you with an illustrated list of landscaping plants that will put the wow factor into your garden. We will show you which plants

  • Thrive in your garden
  • Match your colour preferences
  • Look good together
  • Suit the style of your garden
  • Are not beyond your gardening skills

You choose the plants you love and arrange them to look amazing.

Planting schedule with layout

Our more detailed planting schedule helps you to arrange and position plants for maximum impact.  This planting plan also has a helpful guide to the quantities of landscaping plants required. All you need to do is take the list to the supplier.

planting plan

The planting schedule with layout takes into account how big the plants will get, the conditions they need and how much space they will need to grow. We’ve also thought about colour combinations, shape, form and all year round interest.  This type of planting schedule comes with a free illustrated guide to the plant species listed.

Planting plans for your own garden design

This service is particularly popular with landscapers who are experts in garden layouts and construction but appreciate the help of a horticulturist’s advice on creating maximum impact with plants. Based on your garden design and what you want to achieve with planting, we can create a bespoke planting plan that will add a dash of panache to your work.

Planting plans for just part of your garden

Planting plans can be created for a whole garden or just for one part of it.  Our garden designers can help you to unlock your garden’s potential with an original planting palette. With a part-garden planting plan you could

  • Rejuvenate a tired an overgrown shrubbery
  • Bring more colour into an herbaceous border
  • Detract from an unwanted view
  • Improve the kerb appeal of your property
  • Reduce your workload with a low maintenance planting plan

Whatever your planting goals may be, we can help.

drought tolerant gardens

Carefully planned plant combinations will look good all year round and offer interesting textures, colours and fragrances.

A planting plan for any style of garden

Variety is the spice of life, and that’s certainly true at Tapestry Design Studios. Our garden designers are asked to create inspirational planting schedules for every style of garden you could imagine

  • Contemporary Gardens
  • Low Maintenance Gardens
  • Mediterranean style gardens
  • Cottage style gardens
  • Wildlife friendly gardens
  • Sensory gardens
  • Accessible gardens

Whatever the purpose or the style of your garden we can help.

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