Concept Plan

Start visualising your garden design plans. The concept plant helps you to see how, not far into the future, you could be making better use of your outdoor space

The Concept plan is where your garden’s potential “wow” factor is revealed

The concept plan is where your garden design plans begin to emerge. By drawing together all of the information gathered in our  initial consultation and the site survey the garden design team will create a simple image to help you see how your garden can be brought to life.

garden design ideas concept plan

A typical concept plan. This is for a garden near Colchester.
In these garden design plans you can see how the garden could be laid out.  you’ll  get an approximate feel for the materials used without being overwhelmed by detail.  You can see how our designers have placed features in relation to each other and you can discuss any changes you’d like to see.

How the creative process is woven into garden design plans

In two short visits our garden design team will  have a thorough understanding of

  • Wish list
  • Clients likes and dislikes
  • Overall budget
  • An understanding of homeowners unique tastes and personal style,
  • The local neighbourhood and how the garden sits within the landscape
  • Age and style of the property that sits in the garden
  • A feel for the personalities who will be using the garden,
  • How could the garden adapt as children grow or householders age?
  • Colour preferences
  • The view beyond the garden,
  • What the views of the garden are like from inside the property
  • Will of the existing features will be staying?
  • Potential problems to overcome
  • Soil type,
  • Garden contours,
  • Light, shade and aspect
  • A feel for the personalities who will be using the garden
  • How much garden maintenance the householder wants to do (some people love gardening, others are less confident)

With their heads buzzing with all of that information our designers will take themselves off to a quiet place to map out your garden design plans. This is the magical bit and it’s where the garden designers talent, experience and creativity begins to shape your outdoor space into your dream garden.

You may need to be patient for a few days while the magic weaves itself.

Revealing your garden design plans

The first unveiling of the garden design plans is a breath-taking moment for both the garden designer and the client. As a garden designer, there’s nothing I enjoy more than making clients smile.

From the concept plan the client can begin to visualise the style and layout of the new garden. Will it be head turning, contemporary, elegant, sophisticated, retro, relaxed, vibrant or just “wow”? Does it tick all the boxes for all year round practicality

What does a concept plan look like?

The concept plan is a very simple version of the final garden design. It sets out where features will sit in relation to each other.  A this stage there are very few details about specific plant species. Neither is there any information about construction techniques and project management requirements.

Check out this concept plan for a garden design we created for a client in Danbury

draft garden design showing layoutA concept plan helps us to keep things simple and get the layout right before adding more detail. After all, once hard landscaping is in place, it’s very difficult (and expensive!) to move.

When you see the garden design plans and the concept stage you can get a real feel for the style of the garden and how it will look when it is finished. In fact you can pretty well imagine yourself walking through the garden, touching the plants, peeping round corners and resting on the seating area.

At Tapestry Design Studios, we view the first version of any concept plan as a discussion document. We like our clients to take time to absorb what they see and suggest changes or improvements to the design. We are here to guide and advise – not to force our ideas upon you.

What happens next?

With the garden design plans agreed, the next stage in the garden design process is to create a master plan

Master plan