Garden Design For New Build Properties

New Build Gardens

New build gardens are typically very bland and barely functional. You may have a secure fence, a small patio, a path and a lawn. But with no features or focal points, your garden will be boring and uninviting. However, with a little help from a garden designer with experience of new builds, your garden could soon become a space that you love to be in and to look out on from inside your home.

New Build Garden Design Ideas

It’s important to the team at Tapestry Design Studios that your new build garden design is tailored to your lifestyle.  Which means that every garden we design will be as unique as you are.  

Our garden design process starts with a consultation and site survey to find out how you would like to use your outdoor space. We also ask how much ongoing maintenance you could cope with and how it should be styled.

Don’t worry if you don’t have many ideas at this stage – that’s our job.  We help you to think about the features you will need in your garden so that you can use the space. And then we suggest a layout and materials that will work for your lifestyle and your build budget.

Overcoming problems with new build gardens

A new build garden may look like a blank canvas, but often there are problems to overcome before you start landscaping.  The space may be overlooked by neighbours or there may be poor soil.

Bad drainage in new build properties is all too common. Most of the time it is caused by soil compaction and a combination of careful garden design and good quality ground preparation, it’s often possible to avoid expensive drainage works.

In nearly all cases, problems with new build gardens can be overcome by skilled landscapers working with a clever garden design.

Do I need a landscaper or a garden designer?

The simple answer to this question is both.  Your garden designer will help you to plan a garden that not only looks good, it meets your needs too.  A good garden designer will know precisely how to deal with problems such as slopes, privacy issues and noise abatement. 

With a professionally drawn plan in 2D or 3D you can visualise your new garden. Then you can decide whether to make changes to the layout, before you spend any money on landscaping.

When you are happy with the design, you can commission a landscaper to bring it to life.  Landscapers need to work from a garden design in order to give you an accurate quote for the materials and labour needed to turn your newbuild garden into a little piece of paradise.  

At Tapestry Design Studios we work closely with Holland Landscapes to offer a cost effective garden design and build service.

If your budget won’t accommodate hard landscaping just yet, why not ask us for help with a planting plan? Clever planting can totally transform the look and feel of your garden for a fraction of the cost of installing patios and paths.

Visit our portfolio of work to see just how much potential your new build garden holds.

newbuild front garden with gravel surface and large planters full of shrubs and flowers

New Build Front Gardens

Welcome people to your home with a stylish front garden that expresses your individuality and sets your home apart from those around it.

Even on housing developments where there are restrictions on fencing or hedges in front gardens, there is always an opportunity to make a statement.  Up to the minute hard landscaping materials and/or characterful planting will personalise your front garden and help turn your new house into your new home.

Contact Tapestry Design Studios to discover how your new build front garden can be totally transformed.

new build back garden designed by Tapestry Design Studios

New Build Back Gardens

Make your new build back garden into an extension of your home with innovative garden design ideas from Tapestry Design Studios.

Whether you want to use your outdoor spaces for cooking, eating, relaxing, playing or even working from home, we work with you to create a design concept that meets your lifestyle needs as well as your build budget.

Talk to our garden design experts about ways to make the most of your new build back garden and visit our portfolio of work for more inspiration.

driveway design for a house with home office attached

New Build Driveways

Does your perfect new build home let you down when it comes to parking?  When your home is finished but the grounds still look like a building site, you need to talk to a garden designer with experience of designing new build driveways.

When it comes to designing new build driveways, Katie at Tapestry Design Studios understands exactly how to find the perfect balance between good looks and practicality.  Adhering to planning guidelines, Katie will design your driveway so that there is plenty of space for vehicles, yet it looks nothing like a corporate car park.

Click here for some inspirational driveway design ideas 

For garden design inspiration visit our portfolio of work

What does garden design cost?

The cost of designing your new build garden will depend on its size and how much detail you would like included on the design.  For example, do you need a simple layout plan, or would you like it to be 3D rendered.  Will you also need a planting plan?

Get in touch with Katie for an estimated cost to design your garden