New Build Front Garden

About This Project

A typical new build front garden looks very much like every other frontage in the neighbourhood.  Our clients wanted something distinctively different.  Something manageable, yet eyecatching.  Stylish, yet colourful.  Here’s what we designed for them.  The garden was build by Holland Landscapes of Colchester

The Client Brief

Our clients had been looking forward to moving into their new home but soon felt disappointed and bored with their front garden.  Like any other new build front garden, the developers had provided them with a narrow path, a few plants and a lawn.  Only in this case, the lawn wasn’t thriving and the plants were not particularly exciting.

What was called for was colour – and lots of it.  However, the soil didn’t seem as though it would support many plants without lots and lots of maintenance.  What to do?  Tapestry Garden Designs working in tandem with Holland Landscapes, came up with an affordable and practical idea.  Container gardening.

The Design For An Eyecatching New Build Front Garden

Katie suggested getting rid of the lawn as it was going to be difficult to maintain. The area was levelled and covered with a layer of attractive aggregate. Gravel gives a really contemporary look and feel without being expensive to install or difficult to maintain.

To ‘lift’ the garden, Katie prescribed swapping the boring path that the builders installed for some bright, white porcelain paving.  This would complement the window frames of the property and tie the garden in with the home.

Next, Katie recommended filling some large containers with imported (good!) soil and filling them with low maintenance plants.  Large containers require less watering than smaller pots and can take a wider variety of plants.

The Results: A New Build Front Garden With Extra Wow Factor

The pictures speak for themselves in this garden.  Our clients have found that they actually enjoy maintaining their garden. As a result, they have been experimenting with a wide mix of evergreen and herbaceous perennial plants. And what a stunningly beautiful display!

Isn’t it amazing how good garden design can kindle a new love of the outdoors and an enthusiasm for gardening?

Best of all, this eyecatching new build front garden brings joy not just to our clients and their guests – but to the whole street.  

Would you like your new build front garden to look this good? Contact Katie at Tapestry Design Studios to discuss your ideas.

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