Coastal Themed Garden Braintree

About This Project

Read on to discover how a very ordinary plot in Braintree was transformed into a coastal themed garden.  Clever garden design and skilled landscaping got rid of the time consuming lawn and plants to create a light, bright space that is easy to care for.

The Client Brief

Our lovely clients were a beginning to find their back garden rather uninviting.  In fact, the only way they spent time in the garden was to hang the washing out or mow the lawn.  The space was sadly underused and felt too much like hard work. 

The current patio and retaining wall were in poor condition. This little area of paving was not big enough for a table and chairs and our clients wanted to change that.  Room to eat, read, do the crossword and stretch out on a sun lounger were high on our clients’ list of priorities.

Their ultimate dream was to have a garden that felt like a happy place for themselves, family and friends.  A coastal themed garden really did appeal to both of them. Lots of light, just a few plants and the sound of running water were all on their wish list.  Along with a new storage shed, they wanted somewhere to hide the wheelie bins from view.

Coastal Themed Garden Design

As a big fan of the seaside, Katie was keen to start on this design straight away. She left the consultation just brimming with ideas for colours and materials.

Katie’s design involved taking away the lawn and most of the plants.  (Our clients particularly wanted to keep two shrubs that had sentimental value.)

The design begins as you walk out of the back door and onto a sunny patio with plenty of room for furniture.  Landscapers Holland Landscapes built a sturdy brick retaining wall with porcelain steps to match the patio slabs.  These lead up to a pretty garden with a planted border to the left hand side.  

The main part of the garden is mulched with a thick layer of grey coloured gravel which looks very much like a shingle beach.  A storage shed will be added later and painted to remember a beach hut.

To the right of the garden is a delightful water feature that bubbles and tinkles all day long.

Leading from the steps to the  gate, Katie has designed a set of timber stepping stones that complement the theme.

Would you like your garden to be more interesting? How about a themed space? You could have a coastal themed garden designed to your own taste. Or how about a cottage garden, a mediterranean garden or a vintage themed garden? When you work with Tapestry Design Studios, the world really is your oyster.

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