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About This Project

Find out how an old fashioned driveway with niggly problems was transformed with a  garden design that reflects the character of this Colchester neighbourhood.

About the Property

Our clients got in touch with us primarily because they wanted a driveway design that was more convenient to their lifestyle.  The front doorstep to their property so narrow that it was barely fit for purpose. In addition, access to their bike shed was somewhat awkward.  A small ramp leading to their garage turned into a trip hazard after dark or when carrying shopping bags and the whole area just looked – well – tired.

Driveway Design Colchester: How We Transformed This Front Garden

Kate’s driveway design for this lovely property payed plenty of attention to the style of the entire street.  Those beautiful mature trees are (quite rightly) subject to a preservation order and so of course they needed to remain. And the classically trimmed evergreen hedge is repeated in neighbouring properties, so to change them would potentially have turned this property into an eyesore.

Instead, Kate embraced the privacy and the shade with a tailored planting plan in colours to reflect the client’s choice of landscaping materials.

This driveway design acknowledges the fact that front gardens are not just for cars. They are for people too – and bicycles, wheelie bins, wildlife and plants.

A neat edging creates a clear division between planting areas and parking areas.  This will also help to prevent the gravel surfacing getting mixed in with the weed suppressant mulch.

A new doorstep has been designed along with clear pathways leading to the back gate on one side of the property,  and to the bike shed and garage on the other side. A path also creates pedestrian access to and from the property and the street. As the majority of the surfacing is gravel, this path will make easier access for wheelie bins, bikes and buggies.

Beautifully planted raised beds bring colour into the garden and create a warm welcome for the family and visitors. Finally, subtle garden lighting offers safe passage to the door after dark.

The garden was built by Holland Landscapes of Colchester

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Does your driveway spoil the appearance of your property? Are finding it difficult to balance parking space with other front garden functions? We can help.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Tapestry Design Studios for a problem solving garden design that will delight the eye and potentially improve the value of your home.

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