Wildlife Pond Near Tiptree

About This Project

Our clients are lucky enough to have large garden near Tiptree which has several sections, or “garden rooms”. Each garden room has a different part to play in their lifestyle. The clients absolutely love their outdoor space and take pleasure in developing and improving it.  For this project, we were invited to turn a secluded meadow-cum-orchard into a peaceful retreat where the emphasis is on wildlife and nature.

Garden design Tiptree – the client brief

The one thing our clients felt was missing from their extensive grounds, was an informal pond. They asked us to design somewhere that wildlife can thrive. And somewhere that they could retreat to escape from the pressure of everyday life.

The glory of this particular Tiptree garden is that it has wonderful views over the surrounding countryside. The clients, quite rightly, asked us to make the most those borrowed views. They also asked for a seating area, a relaxed planting plan and easy to maintain materials.not too much maintenance.

Our wildlife pond design

What could be more relaxing than sitting on the edge of a deck on a summers day, dipping your toes into a pool of water as you watch birds and insects skimming the surface.

That was exactly what went through our garden designer’s mind as he thought about this plot.  Doug has designed an informal shaped pool with sloping sides and a pretty pebble beach area.  On the side farthest from the boundary fence, he has placed a floating deck. From here, our clients have fabulous views over the Essex countryside.  

For a change of perspective, there is also a bench at one side of the pond which is the perfect place to watch bees working in the orchard.

The planting is very informal.  Lots of marginal plants make the pond blend into the surrounding meadow area.

Materials used

Our clients were keen to minimise maintenance in this section of the garden and wanted to avoid using any chemical treatments. And so Doug specified composite decking from  Millboard.  Composite decking is made from recycled wood combined with a resin. It’s incredibly durable, won’t rot and doesn’t attract algae.

We sourced the materials for the pond construction from Landscape Plus. A trade supplier specialising in ponds and water features.

Whenever possible, Tapestry Design Studios will use locally sourced products, and so the plants came from nearby nurseries.

The landscaping was completed by Holland Landscapes.

Would you like an area like this in your garden? (I would!). A garden design from Tapestry Design Studios will help you to achieve the garden of your dreams.  Contact us today to discuss your ideas.

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