Medium Sized Back Garden

About This Project

This lovely sunny, medium sized back garden was looking rather tired and dated.  Until, that is, Tapestry Design Studios and Holland Landscapes gave it a makeover.

About the garden

This lovely sunny medium sized back garden has got a lot of good things going for it.  Chiefly because it’s big enough to feel spacious but small enough to be easily managed.  The balance between hard and soft landscaping needed adjustment and some of the features looked a little dowdy.

Our client had clearly spotted the potential in the space and asked Katie to create a design to bring the garden into the 21st century.


Our client asked for a space where she would feel just as comfortable relaxing with a book as she would entertaining friends and family.  Apart from wanting to modernise the space, she asked us to take a look at the levels near the back door.  The step that you can see in the photo’s was just a little too close to the house for her ease of use.

As for the look and feel of the garden.  The brief was for an outdoor space that was ‘busy’ – in other words, our client wanted to shy away from anything that looked too clinical.  She wanted to be bathed in nature. For evening times, some soft ambient lighting was top of our client’s wish list.

Our client felt that the shed was a little too dominant in the garden. And whilst she needed storage space, she didn’t necessarily want to be looking at it 24/7. Understandably, she asked Katie to keep that beautiful ceanothus shrub in the design….it would have been a crime against nature to have taken that away!

Finally, our client asked for some shady spots so that she could enjoy being outdoors on hot summers days.  However – whilst she relished the idea of keeping cool, she didn’t want to steal any light from the neighbouring gardens.

Our medium sized back garden design

To begin with, Katie’s design includes a stylish porcelain patio with room for a dining table and chairs.  The pale grey coloured slabs from London Stone  help to make the space appear bigger and give relaxing, cool feel to the garden.

Leaving the patio, we step onto a good sized lawn surrounded by generous planting.  A mixture of easy care shrubs and herbaceous perennials has been recommended. This will give all year round interest for our client and for any visiting wildlife.  That beautiful egg chair that you can see in the pictures can be relocated to a corner of the lawn where it will become the ideal place to retreat to with a good book.

Notice how we’ve extended the flat area beside the back door to remove that awkward step and then adjusted the levels of the lawn and the path accordingly.

The garden design leaves space for a neat 4ft x 6ft garden shed to replace the existing structure.  We’ve used a trellis to screen the shed and the utility storage area beside it, from view. This is the perfect place to display beautiful climbing plants. Katie has suggested Trachelospremum jasminoides – a robust plant with divinely scented white flowers.

Along the right hand side of the garden is a budget-friendly gravel path using aggregates from Silverton Aggregates.   And yet to come are some wonderful garden lights from Landscape Plus.


This garden was built by Holland Landscapes of Colchester.

Does your medium sized back garden need a makeover? get in touch today to discuss your garden design brief.

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