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About This Project

See how this featureless new build garden was completely transformed by a makeover from Tapestry Design Studios and Holland Landscapes

How The Garden Looked Before Its Makeover

This  back garden is typical of a new build development. It is fully enclosed by timber fencing and rather overlooked by neighbouring properties.  There was a small patio in front of the double doors and an unusually stylish storage shed which linked to the property’s garage. The majority of the garden was taken up by a rather tired looking lawn.

The Client Brief

Our client wanted her garden to be more interesting.  She wanted two patios – one to catch the sun while she enjoyed a mid-morning coffee, and a larger paved area for comfy lounge sofas where she can relax in the afternoons. Her dream was to be able to walk through lots of plants and be able to reach to the middle of the borders to care for them without compacting the soil.

Privacy was a big issue. This garden is overlooked from all angles and our client wanted to feel less exposed when enjoying her outdoor space. She wanted clean, geometric lines and a modern style to match the property. But at the same time the garden was to feel warm and welcoming.

Finally, the whole was to be low maintenance, with stain resistant paving and easy care planting.

Our Design For This New Build Garden

The client’s build budget for this project was quite generous and so Katie opted for plenty of hard landscaping rather than a lawn.

A series of paths create an “X” shape in the garden and lead to a tiny patio in the most private part of the plot. This is the perfect spot for morning coffee and has great views of the rest of the garden.

Beside the house is a cream coloured patio that is just the right size for an outdoor sofa.  Sitting on the patio gives gorgeous views of the planting and also of the second seating area.  It is designed to tempt you further into the garden.

Between the paths are triangular planting beds that can be populated with easy-care plants.  In this case, our client also invested in a planting plan from Katie which features lots of foliage plants in her favourite colours of purple and red.

What Our Client Said

I was very exciting about improving my garden and the whole design process but also a bit apprehensive. Katie put me at ease straight away.

On arrival Katie worked with me to talk through my ideas, needs and wants. Her ability to listen, understand, and interpret my vague needs was remarkable. I felt so comfortable with Katie’s approach and ideas I was happy to trust her immediately.

During the consultation Katie spent time assessing the site, soil, taking loads of measurements and photos, tasing met through my existing plants etc. I was so impressed by her knowledge and ideas.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the design plans. Everything we had discusses was incorporated and more. Katie really listens. The design fitted my brief, local area, house and environment. I could not have asked for more. Katie’s design fits my style and personality so well.

In addition, Katie produced a planting plan and again, I was so pleased with the plants, style and colours. It is wonderful.

I can thoroughly recommend Katie – it has been a very wonderful experience.

Katie – thankyou so much for my lovely garden – I will truly enjoy it.

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