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About This Project

The Brief

The clients had an existing pond in front of their property which was to be moved, primarily to create a wider driveway and larger turning circle. This provided an opportunity to create a new pond design creating a more natural and extended outline with wide marginal planting beds to soften the edges of the pond and a beach area leading down from the drive to allow wildlife to easily climb out of the pond. Some technical issues such as drainage was to be incorporated into the design. Run-off from the drive was to be directed to a new soakaway at the edge of a pond to improve drainage for the driveway and a sump located to the side of the pond was to be installed to prevent the high water table pushing the liner up. This is called hippoing. Our clients wanted the water to as clear as possible so an in-ground filtration system was specified to help keep the water from going green. Finally, a sheltered area for a bench was to be introduced.

Type of property

Large house set in open grounds with a large barn style contemporary extension.


Private 2 acre plot in a rural location with sweeping countryside views and views across Walton back waters. Large existing lawn areas are surrounded by hedge lines with a variety of large existing trees such as Oak.

Problem areas

An existing pond was too close to the house, making logistics of parking unnecessarily difficult. Its existing deck was slippery and rotting in places, making it extremely hazardous. Also a high water table made the surrounding areas boggy.


The floor to ceiling windows at the front of the house gave a superb view down onto the area for design. The surrounding landscape gave attractive borrowed views. There was plenty of space in which to situate the new pond and consider other details such as the planting scheme around the pond.


Marginal planting such as iris was used around the edge of the pond, with low maintenance grasses and Persicaria planted up to the margins. Dense ground cover was introduced to prevent weeds encroaching.

What our clients say

“Following our recent property renovations we wanted to move from the completed inside works to remodelling both our drive and an existing pond which had become in a poor state of repair and did not fit well with the external design of the property. We contacted Tapestry Design Studios late last year to design a new approach for our house, involving the re-siting of a pond to allow more space for parking. We were most impressed with the work Kate has done for us and the service we’ve received. Kate produced designs which fully meet our brief and utilised existing sculptures, trees and our local scenic views to the full and was attentive in the delivery of a great solution for our front garden. I would recommend Tapestry Design Studios to anyone looking for professional and creative input to their garden.”

Dave and Christine

Who built the garden

This garden build was carried out by Holland Landscapes

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