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Many of our clients ask for a whole new garden. This case study is slightly different in that the client only wanted one area refurbished. A wildlife pond which is overlooked by a large picture window.
Winter is coming and it’s tempting to batten down the hatches and spend winter indoors. But if you do that you are missing on a wealth of health benefits and on some amazing natural beauty. Read on if you want to make more of your garden in winter time.
In this blog we’re talking about using colour in the garden for practicality as well as aesthetics.

One way to give a garden all year round interest is to use the element of surprise. Find out how to keep those surprises coming in our blog. Create Some Secret Gardens So many people fall into the trap of boring garden design. You’ve probably seen lots...

As a garden designer, it’s important to me that my planting schemes are robust and long lasting. This summer is showing us all why it’s important to design drought tolerant gardens.
If somebody were to sneak into your garden and pick every single flower – would your garden still look good? This blog is all using foliage plants in garden design.
There's no bigger challenge than a sloping garden, which is why the team at Tapestry Design Studios love them. In this blog we examine ways to deal with a sloping garden.

Much as I love snow, it’s certainly good to see the back of it. It’s quite blustery today but lovely to see the daffodils dancing in the wind. And it's a lovely reminder that it’s time to make a start on spring gardening jobs. Priority Task:...